Privacy and Policy



This Policy describes the procedures for collecting, storing, processing, and using within the framework of website /hereinafter referred to as the “Website”/ the information considered as the personal data of individuals and employers /hereinafter referred to as the “Users”/.


This Policy aims to follow the strictest standards in any matter whatsoever relating to collection, processing, storage and use of the Users' personal data. This Policy /hereinafter referred to as the "Policy"/ defines the types of personal data to be processed as well as the procedures and purposes for processing and storage thereof and other related issues. This Policy shall apply to any Users’ Personal Data that are processed in any way within the Website. This Policy may also apply to other non-personal data.


Below are the personal and other data to be processed: 

  • Website Users’ email address(es); phone number(s); date of birth; gender; passport, birth certificate or other ID document number (including, scanned copies of such documents, as necessary);
  • User account registration data, such as the Username and password (encrypted) of a particular User;
  • User’s country, workplace;
  • User’s interests, preferences, special needs and other profile information


The personal data to be processed may be obtained exclusively from the sources below:

  • Personal data provided by the User at registration on the Website;
  • Personal data provided by the User while using the Website;
  • Personal data provided by the User as a result of contacting in any other manner within the Website.

If the User prefers not to provide their personal data to the Website or to withdraw the consent already given by them for the Website to process their personal data, the User will be able to visit the Website and use it with limited opportunities.


Below are the legal grounds for processing the Users' personal data:

  • Republic of Armenia Law on Personal Data Protection (No. HO-49-N, adopted on 18 May 2015);
  • This Personal Data Storage (Processing and Use) Policy;
  • Consent to processing personal data given by the User in compliance with this Policy

The Users' personal data are processed for the purposes below:

  • To ensure the Users’ registration on the Website and User identification and exclude registration of any fake users;
  • To contact the Users regarding the Website operations, to respond to the Users’ messages, letters and phone calls

Below are the purposes of the Users’ personal and other data processing and analysis:

  • To manage and improve the Website operations;
  • To develop and improve the Website use features;
  • To identify and prevent any defects that may occur during Website operation

The Users' personal data are subject to the actions below:

  • Collection;
  • Systematization;
  • Storage;
  • Analysis;
  • Use;
  • Archiving
  • Destruction   

The Users' personal data are processed automatically.


The Users’ personal data shall not be disclosed to any third party, except on prescribed hereby and by the law of the Republic of Armenia. The Users' personal data shall not be shared with any foreign country.              


To protect the Users’ personal data from any unauthorized leakage, use, alteration or destruction, all the physical, technical and organizational security means available to the Website shall be applied.

Each user is provided with a nickname and a password to access their personal page. The complete personal data of the Users are not available to anyone. As for the employees, they also have a limited access to such complete data. Every employee with any access to such data shall sign a confidentiality agreement.

Nevertheless, no website, including the Website in question, may provide a 100% protection of your personal data and the Website shall not assume any responsibility for any unauthorized access to the Users data (e.g. as a result of unauthorized use of the User’s name and password by a third party) beyond its control that has led to the User’s personal data leakage, use, alteration or destruction.         


The Users’ personal data shall be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes of the Users’ personal data processing, unless otherwise specified by the law of the Republic of Armenia.

If the User wishes that the Website no longer processes their personal data, they should contact us by phone number (+374) 60 540004 or by e-mail and then, the Website representative will contact the User to verify their identity. If the User properly withdraws their consent to their personal data processing, the Website shall, within 30 business days after the date of receipt of the withdrawal, terminate the User’s personal data processing and destroy the User’s personal data provided by the User. In case of withdraw of the User’s consent to processing of their personal data, the User's personal account on the Website may be closed or temporarily blocked (frozen).


To personalize and improve the data collected about the User while using the Website, the Website may use cookie files and similar technologies /hereinafter referred to as the "Cookies"/. Cookies are small data files that make it possible for the websites to collect and store data on Users' computers.

The Website may use Cookies to facilitate the Website operation and improve the quality thereof. Users may select respective settings through their computer to accept, decline or delete Cookies.


To analyze and improve the Website operation, the Website may collect personal data and remove identification elements as well as commission a third party to perform such analytical activities.

The Website may collect certain depersonalized data regarding the Website performance, such as the number of Website visitors and the frequency of visits. Such information may include data as to the website after visiting which the Users log in, which website the Users visits next, which browser they use, the Users’ device and IP address data. Such data are used only in a grouped manner without any identification elements. Such collective depersonalized data help to analyze and study the Users' interests, preferences and behavior. This makes it possible to get to know the Users better and to use such information to improve the Website operations and to make them more engaging and interesting for Users.


Upon registration on the Website, Users shall be entitled to access their account and review their personal data processed by the Website. In cases prescribed by law, Users shall be entitled to request from the Website or, if possible, to perform themselves the following actions on the Website, and in the absence of such an opportunity, contact with (, +37460540004) to perform the actions as follows:

  • Correction of User’s personal data;
  • Destruction of the User’s personal data;
  • Blocking the User's personal data

The User shall also be entitled to:

  • Withdraw their consent to processing of their personal data by the Website;
  • Receive their personal data electronically and share them with a third party;
  • Enjoy other rights prescribed by the law of the Republic of Armenia


The Website may amend and/or supplement this Policy from time to time in case of need. The amended version of the Policy shall be published on the Website and shall take effect upon publication. In some cases, if changes to the Policy are significant, the User will be notified thereof on the Website when they log in as a User.


The Website may contain links to other websites used by other organizations. The Website shall not assume any responsibility for any issues related with the websites of other organizations.


The User’s consent to processing of the User's personal data by the Website shall be deemed granted by the very fact of the User’s registration on the Website and/or login to their account on the Website, which is considered a valid action that clearly indicates the User's consent to the use of their personal data given by the User in person or by the User’s legal representative, if the User is legally incapable or partially incapable or a minor under 16 years of age.

By consenting to the User's personal data processing by the Website, the User confirms that they have read this Policy, it is clear and acceptable to them and they agree to all the provisions covered therein.


This Policy is regulated by the law of the Republic of Armenia. Any dispute arising out of this Policy or related thereto shall be settled by the courts of law in the Republic of Armenia.


Once you make an online payment on the website, the respective service you paid for will become accessible on the website. Online payment is non-refundable.

If you face any problems with online payment, please contact by sending an e-mail to or by calling +374 60 540004.